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A few months ago, I started the process of rebranding with the help of Ribbon and Ink. I always knew I would eventually have to bite the bullet and fully brand with a professional designer but I wanted to hold off until I had a firm vision for my brand and future of my business. Around the end of last year, I began to feel ready to start the process. I am a firm believer that a brand is so much more than a logo. It should be a set of values, expectations, and beliefs woven into beautiful design and functionality. (Someone pat me on the back ’cause I just made that up!)

One of my first steps I took to brand myself was to select 3 words that would embody Joy Michelle Photography. Having brand words are so helpful for me to know what fits within my brand voice and what does not. I can look at an image and decide whether I should share it by holding it up to my 3 words. It has taken the guess work of asking myself, “Is this me?” or “Does this fit into my brand?” and given me a clear guide for social media sharing and making brand related decisions. If you have not established your 3 brand words I highly encourage you to!

I shared two of my words and the reasoning behind them over on instagram and today I featured the last of the three. My 3 words are: romantic, elegant, & authentic.

three brand wordsROMANTIC

To me- romance is in the sentimental details. It’s an intimate first look before the ceremony, or a beautiful lace cathedral veil. Romance is in the soft, dreamy sunset light and a first dance.


To me, Elegance is in the little details. A bride’s gown, the lace on her veil, a groom’s tux, or just the way a bride holds her bouquet. I love photographing weddings and couples with a classic and timeless feel.


To me- authenticity is in the moments between the poses, it’s a Dad seeing his little girl in her wedding dress, it’s the groom’s sign when he sees his bride smile. It’s about creating something lasting from a brief and genuine moment.

What are your 3 brand words? I’d love to hear them. Comment below! We’re just 14 days out from our launch! Be sure to follow along on instagram for a giveaway!

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